Server-Side GTM like a nuclear technology

Some time ago I listened to a podcast from the Technical Marketing Handbook series from Simo Ahava, whose guest was Adam Halbardier from the Google Tag Manager product team. During the conversation, the topic of transparency of data handled by the Server-Side container appeared.

Published by Mariusz Michalczuk
Dec 04, 2022
How to measure the impact of email campaigns?

If you plan email marketing campaigns you are interested in the same as with other campaigns, to measure their impact on your business. When you are starting with this topic it is good to know that without additional effort you will not be able to access this impact. You will see no results because Google Analytics will treat traffic from the email campaigns as direct traffic (when users are using your own app) or as referrals (when users are using web email clients). 

Nov 28, 2022
How ready we are to send Google Universal Analytics into retirement?
# GA4

Why now is the time to migrate to Google Analytics 4? Moving to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible is essential in order to generate the necessary historical data before Universal Analytics stops processing new activities. 

Nov 14, 2022
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How to setup One Trust cookie baner to work with Google Tag Manager

This guide is all about how to implement OneTrust cookie consent on your website. This is complex guide how to do it step by step using OneTrust Autoblocking for scripts implemented directly in your website and Google Consent mode for scripts which are implemented using Google Tag Manager.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 27, 2022
Conversion path analysis in GA4
# GA4

Conversion is the most important and interesting event for you. It is extremely interesting to know how this happened. What steps did customers take before downloading the file or purchasing the item? When a customer conversion occurs, it is rarely the customer's first interaction with your website or brand. To understand the steps, you need to look at the conversion paths that will illustrate the overall sequence of platforms and touchpoints involved.

Published by Anna Bacciarelli
Oct 27, 2022
How to implement server side facebook conversion tracking?

Facebook conversion tracking on the server side gives you oportunity to minimize usage of java script libraries on the client side and may reduce page load time. Running facebook conversion tracking codes on the server side may gives you better security for your clients data. You can have also more control over the data and decide which you want to send to facebook. Additional feature is that this solution minimizes the impact of ad blockers. 

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 21, 2022
How to implement Google Ads server side tracking?

Implementation of Google Ads server side tracking has couple of advantages:

  • it may help to improve your page load time by reducing the amount of code you have to run on client side
  • it may reduce the impact of ad blockers
  • you will have more control what kind of data you sending to external vendor
Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 20, 2022

How to setup GA4 server side tracking

The standard, default Google Tag Manager implementation of GA4 is client side tracking. It means that client, in this situation: users browser like Google Chrome or Mozzila, is responsible for launching GTM/GA4 scripts and sending them to Google.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 17, 2022
Why should you replace GA3 with GA4?
# GA4

After 18 years of service, Google Analytics, also known as Universal Analytics, will be sunset by Google and replaced by a new tool, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 was built to expand Google data tracking capabilities to reflect current challenges and evolution in digital marketing, and in 2023 Google will force companies to fully migrate to this new tool.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 14, 2022