This guide is all about how to implement Google Analytics(GA4) on Shopify. 


In this category we publish everything which is corellated with GA4.

Server side tracking

What are the benefits of server side tracking. How to implement server side tracking for tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads or Facebook. Find out more here. 

Google tag manager

In this category of articles we are describing how Google Tag Manager is working, its new features or we are using Google Tag Manager as tool to achive the certain goals and effects. 

Google Data Studio

Dashboards, reports, charts, new features regarding Google Data Studio. 

Data privacy

In data privacy category we cover all issues related to data privacy topic. You will read a lot about GDPR, google consent mode, server side tracking and about other intresting buzz words. 

Email marketing

How to track email marketing campaigns? What metrics are important? How to setup tracking and utm parameters?