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How to track more data in GA4 in the world of data privacy and adblockers.

If you have implemented cookie policy on your website to be compliant with GDPR you have probably notice that you started automatically to see less data reported in your Google Analytics reports. Luckily Google consent mode and server side tracking can increase the amount of data you measure by up to 100% compared to the standard implementation of GA4. 

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 31, 2022
How to setup One Trust cookie baner to work with Google Tag Manager

This guide is all about how to implement OneTrust cookie consent on your website. This is complex guide how to do it step by step using OneTrust Autoblocking for scripts implemented directly in your website and Google Consent mode for scripts which are implemented using Google Tag Manager.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 27, 2022