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Web Analyst at Everstores
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Piotr Ulacha is a web analyst. He has 15 years of experience in the digital marketing area. He specializes in implementation of analytical and marketing tracking codes, creating dashboards and data privacy topic. He works currently as a Web Analyst at EverStores.com where he implement tracking solutions for eCommerce brands. Previusly he worked at SellerX with eCommerce brands and at Artegence where he analyses the impact of marketing campaigns for Volkswagen Poland.

Piotr Ulacha's articles
How to measure the impact of email campaigns?

If you plan email marketing campaigns you are interested in the same as with other campaigns, to measure their impact on your business. When you are starting with this topic it is good to know that without additional effort you will not be able to access this impact. You will see no results because Google Analytics will treat traffic from the email campaigns as direct traffic (when users are using your own app) or as referrals (when users are using web email clients). 

Nov 28, 2022
How to track more data in GA4 in the world of data privacy and adblockers.

If you have implemented cookie policy on your website to be compliant with GDPR you have probably notice that you started automatically to see less data reported in your Google Analytics reports. Luckily Google consent mode and server side tracking can increase the amount of data you measure by up to 100% compared to the standard implementation of GA4. 

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 31, 2022
17. How to setup Google Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager

Google Consent Mode is a mechanism built in Google Tag Manager which is responsible for adjusting Google tags behavior to user consent settings. It will for example block data transfer to Google Analytics if cookie consent for analytics_storage will be not granted but will allow data transfer to Bigquery without user specific information

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 29, 2022

15. How to setup user ID for GA4 on Shopify

Upgrade your Reporting Identity providing User IDs because is a one of the method GA4 can associate events with users across different platforms. Thank to providing user ID from your Shopify Google knows that is the same user regardless form example which device they use.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 27, 2022
How to setup One Trust cookie baner to work with Google Tag Manager

This guide is all about how to implement OneTrust cookie consent on your website. This is complex guide how to do it step by step using OneTrust Autoblocking for scripts implemented directly in your website and Google Consent mode for scripts which are implemented using Google Tag Manager.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 27, 2022
14. How to implement GA4 login event on Shopify

One of the event that demonstrates engagement on the ecommerce and worth to measuring, is login event. 

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 26, 2022

11. How to implement add_to_cart event on Shopify

When you analyze traffic on your Shopify ecommerce is good to know how often users add to cart your products.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 23, 2022
10. How to implement GA4 purchase event on Shopify

If you want to see purchases and revenue generated by your Shopify shop in your GA4 reports you have to implement GA4 purchase event. Here you have instruction how to do it using Google Tag Manager and data layer variables in Shopify. 

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 22, 2022
How to implement server side facebook conversion tracking?

Facebook conversion tracking on the server side gives you oportunity to minimize usage of java script libraries on the client side and may reduce page load time. Running facebook conversion tracking codes on the server side may gives you better security for your clients data. You can have also more control over the data and decide which you want to send to facebook. Additional feature is that this solution minimizes the impact of ad blockers. 

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 21, 2022

How to implement Google Ads server side tracking?

Implementation of Google Ads server side tracking has couple of advantages:

  • it may help to improve your page load time by reducing the amount of code you have to run on client side
  • it may reduce the impact of ad blockers
  • you will have more control what kind of data you sending to external vendor
Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 20, 2022
7. How to implement GA4 view_item event in Shopify.

To be able to analyze in Google Analytics 4(GA4) traffic on your products pages and report for example which items are most popular you have to implement GA4 view_item event. Below, you will find instructions on how to do it using Google Tag Manager and data layer variables in Shopify.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 19, 2022
6. How to implement GA4 Configuration tag in Google Tag Manager?

GA4 Configuration tag is the first tag you should implement if you want to start tracking traffic on your Shopify website.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 18, 2022

How to setup GA4 server side tracking

The standard, default Google Tag Manager implementation of GA4 is client side tracking. It means that client, in this situation: users browser like Google Chrome or Mozzila, is responsible for launching GTM/GA4 scripts and sending them to Google.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 17, 2022
5. How to install Google Tag Manager in Shopify.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to configure and implement tags on your website or mobile application.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 17, 2022
4. Recommended GA4 property settings for Shopify

If you want to get the best out of Google Analytics 4 apply the following recommended GA4 settings and best practices.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 16, 2022

3. How to create Google Tag Manager account for Shopify website

Because we will use Google Tag Manger as a method to implement Google Analytics 4 you have to create GTM account.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 15, 2022
Why should you replace GA3 with GA4?
# GA4

After 18 years of service, Google Analytics, also known as Universal Analytics, will be sunset by Google and replaced by a new tool, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 was built to expand Google data tracking capabilities to reflect current challenges and evolution in digital marketing, and in 2023 Google will force companies to fully migrate to this new tool.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 14, 2022
2. How to create Google Analytics (GA4) property for Shopify website

If you have Google Account but you don't have GA4 property yet, because for example you are still using Universal Analytics property (former version of GA4) you have to create new GA4 property.

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 14, 2022

1. How to create Google Analytics account for Shopify website

If you want to measure traffic on your Shopify website, the first thing is to create Google Analytics account for your website

Published by Piotr Ulacha
Oct 13, 2022
Complete guide how to setup GA4 on Shopify.

This guide is all about how to implement Google Analytics(GA4) on Shopify. To setup GA4 on Shopify website we use Google Tag Manger(GTM) and Shopify data layer.

Oct 12, 2022